Feb 29, 2024
AEW Dynamite Results – February 28, 2024

AEW International Championship

Orange Cassidy (C) vs. Nick Wayne

Nick Wayne’s theme hits and out he comes as Cassidy’s opponent. Christian Cage, Wayne’s mom and Killswitch are at ringside with him. The bell sounds and off we go with this title tilt. The two immediately get after it. Cassidy goes for Beach Break early, but Wayne avoids it. Wayne goes for Wayne’s World, but Cassidy avoids that as well.

The two spill out to the floor. Wayne hits a moonsault off the ropes onto Cassidy on the floor. Wayne leaps off the apron for another high spot, continuing to focus his attack on the ribs of the champ. Cassidy starts to fight back, but Cage gets involved. The ref sees this and ejects The Patriarchy from ringside for a big pop.

On that note, we shift gears and head into a mid-match commercial break as the action continues. When we return, we see Wayne still dominating the action. Cassidy takes over but out comes Matt Taven and Mike Bennett from The Undisputed Kingdom to try and distract him.

Roppongi Vice runs out to make the save. Cassidy hits an Orange Punch for the win. Roderick Strong hits the ring after the match but Cassidy runs him off. We head to another break.

Winner and STILL AEW International Champion: Orange Cassidy

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