Dec 23, 2023
AEW Collision Results-December 23rd,2023

Christian Cage Responds To Adam Copeland’s No DQ Challenge For Worlds End 2023

Now we return inside the arena where we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme music of the reigning TNT Champion Christian Cage. Out he comes with Nick Wayne to make his response to the No DQ title match challenge issued to him by his former longtime friend turned rival Adam Copeland.

Cage starts off by telling San Antonio to sit down, shut up and let him handle his business. He brings up Nick’s mom smashing Copeland in the head with his TNT Championship when they met in Montreal. He says he could explain it, but why should he when she can do it herself. He introduces Nick’s mom and out comes Shayna Wayne.

She takes exception to the boos from the fans. She asks how they could boo a mother. She bring up having to watch Copeland smash a steel chair into her sons head. She says after that, she can’t understand why anyone would question her actions in Montreal. She praises “The Patriarch” Christian Cage for his role in Nick’s life.

Cage goes on to brag about Montreal being great for him and bad for Copeland. He says he not only scored a win but he scored in other ways that night, while looking at Shayna. He then accepts Copeland’s challenge for AEW Worlds End, but tells him he is no challenge. He claims he’s levels above him and everyone else in the business.

At Worlds End, on behalf of Copeland’s mother, he’s gonna take him behind the shed and put him down in Long Island for the last time. His theme hits again to end the promo segment as the commentators hype Copeland-Cage II at AEW Worlds End 2023

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