Nov 22, 2023
AEW Dynamite Results-November 22nd,2023

Christian Cage Rechristens Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne

When we return from the break, we hear Christian Cage’s theme song and out comes the TNT Champion and “The Patriarchy” leader himself, accompanied by Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne. The three settle in the ring and Christian gets on the mic. He tells the fans to shut up when he’s conducting business.

Cage then goes on to say he didn’t lose to Adam Copeland, Sting and Darby Allin at AEW Full Gear 2023 this past Saturday night. He says Nick Wayne didn’t lose to them either. He says Luchasaurus lost to them. He said he thought all weekend about how to lose the stench of failure.

He says as Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne’s father he wants to rechristen them in his image. He tells Luchasaurus to take a knee. Luchasaurus doesn’t. Cage demands over and over again and he finally does. He says the name Luchasaurus is associated with a loser. He says he came up with a name of toughness and certain victory.

He says you are my finisher and this Saturday he’ll prove it as he’ll for now on be known as Killswitch. He then says Nick Wayne. Wayne drops down to a knee without being told to. Cage tells him to get back on his feet. He says not to ever get on his knees for another man. He says he’s different, he’s special.

He says he’s the son he always wanted, his golden boy. He says you are me. He tells Nick he loves him and as a golden boy he will now forever be known as The Prodigy Nick Wayne. Nick’s mom runs down and enters the ring. Cage asks why she’s out here. She pleads with Nick until Cage cuts her off and tells her she’s a terrible mother.

Cage continues to run down Nick’s mom for being a waitress who never had any money and couldn’t provide for Nick. He says it’s a good thing her husband is dead because he’s not half the man Cage is and wouldn’t of been half the father he will be to The Prodigy Nick Wayne. He tells her to leave the ring and go start her shift at Dennys.

Lucha…Killswitch gets in Cage’s face. Cage again tells Killswitch to get on his knees. Cage yells at him to not look at him with that stupid look on his face. He demands him get on his knees again. Cage slaps him. The fans chant “Luchasaurus!” Cage tells him they can do this the easy way or the hard way.

He says to get on his knees or he’ll take that mask off and show the world why he wears a mask in the first place. He shoves him and he bumps into Nick’s mom, who collapses on the mat. Cage gives Nick some orders. Nick goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair. He slides it into the ring and grabs another.

Cage has one and he has the other. The two get ready to deliver a con-chair-to to Nick’s mom. Cage stops before swinging the chair and then hands it to Killswitch and demands he do it now. Killswitch gets ready to do it but Adam Copeland sprints down and cleans house of all three guys to make the save for Nick’s mom. Copeland gives Nick a con-chair-to as Cage screams “No, not my son!”

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